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Color Coding

Throughout the Setup workspace, Voyager uses color to indicate the following:

  • Black: A normal setting
  • Gold or Yellow: Use caution when changing as things may not work well or as expected
  • Red: Use extreme care when changing this setting - the wrong value can damage your equipment or the imaging session may fail

Dome Setup Workspace

Click the Dome button to display the Dome Setup window, where you can specify parameters to control a dome or roll-off roof observatory:


The commands and parameters applicable to your observatory will depend on the capabilities of your dome or roll-off roof and its software driver.

Voyager can open and close a roll-off roof.

Depending on your dome's capabilities, Voyager can:

  • Open and close the dome's shutter
  • Rotate the dome to a given position
  • Park and Unpark the dome
  • Set the Park position
  • Rotate the dome to a Home position
  • Manage the dome's azimuth position to match the connected mount (Voyager RoboDome Sync)

Dome Choice


  • Dome: Select your Dome or roll-off roof driver from the drop-down
  • If your dome is controlled by an ASCOM driver, click the ASCOM button and select your dome driver from the drop-down list. Click the Properties button in the ASCOM chooser dialog to set your dome driver's properties
Important Note! If you use TheSkyX Dome Addon, please read the disclaimer text that shows up when you select it very carefully

Dome Mode, Options and Park/Unpark

After selecting your dome driver from the Dome drop-down list, fill out the configuration parameters in these panels of the Dome Setup workspace:


  • Dome Mode:
    • Choose the type of your dome from the radio buttons in this panel
      • Roll Off Roof (Or Not Auto Sync): Your observatory has a roll-off roof, or any type of dome that opens fully and does not sync with the movement of the mount, such as the Shell Dome
      • Dome with Auto Sync to Telescope: Your dome is able to automatically move to the mount's position without commands from Voyager, i.e. the dome azimuth position is slaved to the mount's azimuth position like ScopeDome.
      • Dome with Voyager RoboDome Sync: Voyager should send commands to the dome to move it to the azimuth position matching the current mount's azimuth position [Actually not implemented yet]
  • Park/Unpark: Click this button to bring up a wizard that will guide you through setting the Park position for your dome
    • Unpark TheSkyX Dome OnConnect: If checked and TheSkyX Dome control is selected, unpark the dome when connecting in Startup
  • Options:
    • Abort Goto Actions if Dome Mode is Roll Off Roof and Shutter is Closed: If checked, any operations intended to move the dome will be aborted if the selected dome mode is "Roll Off Roof" and the shutter is closed
    • Waiting Time After Command Before Starting Read Status: Time in seconds to wait after issuing a command to the dome before checking the dome's status. Useful if the dome needs time to start the action so Voyager does not check too soon and think the dome is not responding to the command
    • Dome - Slave On Sequence Start: When a sequence starts, synchronize the dome's azimuth position with the azimuth position of the mount and remain slaved. This setting Is valid for RoboDome or a dome configured as an AutoSync Dome
    • Dome - Force Check Rotation also if not slaved: Even if the dome is not slaved to Voyager, check to make sure the dome is not rotating before performing an action that requires the dome to be synced, such as taking an image
    • Leave Open Dome Driver when Disconnect Voyager (No Dispose): If checked, Voyager will not force the ASCOM driver to be released if another program is using it

Important Note! If the "Slave on Sequence Start" box is checked, Voyager will slave to the dome when your Sequence starts. If you don't do a specific command to slave the dome in Voyager, you'll see the message "Slave is unlock from user" in the monitor window.

Important Note! If you create a DragScript to manage all night imaging remember to put a slave on block in the script if you do other mount operations before starting a sequence. Also remember to slave off and park the dome at the end of the script

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